Animal Shelter Adoption Website

Tech Stack: Node, Express, React, Sequelize, Postgresql

The Animal Shelter website is a solo, full-stack web development project, built on React and Node, using Sequelize, PostgreSQL, and Jasmine for testing. Hosted on Heroku, built with responsive flex-box and custom CSS, v1.0 was built in a span of two weeks, including wireframes, mock-ups and code dev.

Live site:

See the code:

Check out the live project board:

v1.0 Features include:

  • Available animal list and animal profiles
  • User sorting by animal type, size, and age.
  • Admin access for adding and editing animal profiles. To create an admin account in your own project db, set user `role = 1` in the user table. Contact me for admin user info on the live site.

Upcoming Features:

  • General user account allowing potential-adopters to "favorite" animals and save search settings
  • Accept PayPal donation
  • Chat feature so that users can get quick answers form shelter staff
  • Online adoption application
  • Calendar for shelter events, clinics and trainings.

Animal Shelter Homepage

The website is responsive and functions well on all screen sizes.

animal shelter profile mobile page